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I'm Manibharathi, I was born on 18th November, 1989. I have been living in Chennai .I have grown up here, studied here. I’ve played hard and rough through my 12 years at Lamech Hr. Sec. School and 4 years at Lord Venkateshwara Engg. College. I’ve earned the respect of friends and the love of a few beautiful girls. I’ve had my bones broken a few times, and my heart broken a lot.

As a student, I was just a bit above average, always in the top 15 in the class. I never had trouble with academics, but I was never a geek either.. Im very high energetic guy. Driving is my passion. I love to Computer. I have huge collection of different types of websites created by me. Im very sentimental person. I have lot of dreams in my life.

For a while, I did music videos, which was exciting. You may remember my videos.

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